is the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) from Spacetime Studios, the same people who gave gamers titles such as the Arcane Legends and Pocket Legends.

Just like every other MOBA games available in the market, the main goal is to eliminate the enemy base. The game also exhibits a variety of heroes but must be bought first before using them with in-game currency. These heroes are expensive thus will take time even if you grind your way through the game.

generator tool

   So is there an easy solution for this? Well of course there is! You no longer have to spend your precious time and money just to unlock that pesky hero that you always wanted. All you got to do is use this Call of Champions Cheats in order to gain more in-game resources and thus giving you both free platinum and free gold!

Why use Call of Champions Hack Tool?

Unless if you are fortunate enough to have all the time in the world and money to invest it in the game, then you won’t be getting that hero you always wanted. Using this hack tool will instantly give you more than enough to unlock the hero of your dreams without having to sacrifice the time and money supposedly meant for your family or for your daily necessities.

Call of Champions Hack features

Apart from the free resources it will generate, which you can use for buying heroes in Call of Champions, here are some other features of the tool.

  • Completely free – You can use the generated resources to buy the heroes that you wanted and to use their unique skill sets to win the game. Oh and did I mention that this hack tool is for free?
  • Safe – We won’t lie to you unlike the other tools that you may have used; there is a risk of banning when using this tool though we are proud to say that it is an extremely low possibility.
  • Easy to use – It is a web-based tool so there is no need for you to download anything. Just type in the link and generate that much needed resource!
  • Works on multiple platforms – Whether you are directly using your mobile device or your computer to generate your precious resources, it is of no problem when using out hack tool.

How to use Tool

  • Go to this link:
  • Connect your account:
  • If you are using your mobile device (android and ios devices), simply enter your Call of Champions username in the field provided and choose which system you are using. (recommended)
  • If you are using a computer, connect your mobile device to your computer via USB cable and put the device name in the username field as well as choose which system you are using.
  • Click the connect button.
  • Choose the amount of resources in each specific field.
  • Click the generate button.
  • Enjoy!



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