Creature Quest is a mix of casual Role Playing Game (RPG) and Collectible Card Game (CCG) created by VC Mobile Entertainment. The player is given the simple task of collecting monsters and pitting them against other creatures of the miasma. A fun yet simple game, it has earned quite the player population.

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Creature Quest Hack Tool

The game is simple and catchy. But it does not mean that it is safe from the monopolization of in-app purchases. The game developers often put players in situations where they are forced to use their money in exchange for in-game currency that can be used for various actions.

Is there a solution of this? Yes! Using our Creature Quest cheats or hack tool, you will can get both free gold and free diamonds! Why use your hard earned cash when you can get those much needed in-game currencies for free?

Why use Creature Quest Hack Tool

Sure, free gold and free diamonds is all good and all but here are some other features that our tool has.

  • Free – No need to fear for the safety of your credit cards or your wallets, this hack tool is completely free!
  • Safe – Most players fears the great Ban ultimatum which is given to players who exhibits bad conduct and to those who are brave enough to go against the system. Thou we can’t promise you that our tool is 100% safe, the possibility of you being banned are extremely low.
  • Easy to Use – Our hack tool is web-based, which means you don’t have to download or install anything else. Just crank up your web browser and you’ll be having your free silver and gold coins in no time.
  • Accessibility – The hack tool supports all operating systems, be it mobile devices or your computer you can access our tool anytime and anywhere.

How to Use the Hack Tool

  • Connect to your account:
  • If you are using your mobile device (android and ios devices), simply enter your Creature Quest username in the field provided and choose which system you are using. (recommended)
  • If you are using a computer, connect your mobile device to your computer via USB cable and put the device name in the username field as well as choose which system you are using. Once done, open the game and leave it at such state in order for it to read the data.
  • Click the connect button.
  • Choose the amount of resources in each specific field.
  • Click the generate button.
  • Enjoy!

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