Every hardcore player of Crusaders Quest goes through the same long grinding process to be on top. It takes a lot of resources and dedication to have the best equipment and hero line up. Luckily, non-hardcore players will still be able to catch up with the pros by using the Crusaders Quest hack. The hack gives unlimited amount of free gold and jewels to players, thus helping them to:



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  • Purchase contracts – players will be able to collect all heroes in game. You can also buy premium contracts that might contain goddesses.
  • Purchase skill – you can easily craft and transfer skills within your hero pool. You can have the most flexible roster in the game.
  • Buy skins – why settle with one skin when you can buy every skin in the game, and show them off to the community.
  • Lessen the duration of cooking – never wait for a 24-hour bread to rise. With just 1 click, you can get the bread out of the oven and directly feed it to your heroes during training. You can also expand your bread inventory so that you will never run out of space.
  • Purchase items from travelling merchant Popo – from time to time, the famous Popo will appear in your town to give you some awesome items. You can skip the bargaining part and buy the items with your unlimited gold. Buy all the items from Popo and receive your free VIP membership.
  • Upgrade weapons – you can unlock the maximum potential of your weapons by constantly upgrading them. Don’t settle with low additional damage since you can now spam upgrade and wait for increase critical damage.

The Crusaders Quest hack is convenient to use. It doesn’t require any downloads or surveys. You can use the hack with your mobile device. Remember to use a USB cable to connect your mobile device if you are using your desktop computer. First, access the hack and enter your username. Second, choose the operating system that you are currently using. Third, click connect and then wait for the system to recognize your account. Then, you can choose the amount of gold and jewels that you want to have. Finally, click generate and wait for a few minutes. Reconnect to the game and enjoy your free gold and jewels.

Crusaders Quest hack is an application that helps new players enjoy the game. It doesn’t contain malware, and it doesn’t ask for your personal information. Without spending real money, players can still access the entire features set of the game. It is the chance for players to explore the game, and seek the real monster behind the chaos in Hasla.

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