Disney Magical Dice is the first ever digital board game released by Disney in coordination with Netmarble. This game is pretty much like the classic Monopoly board game wherein you try to bankrupt your opponents by rolling dices and owning properties and landmarks throughout the board.

generator tool

But unlike Monopoly which can get really boring and time consuming, Disney Magical Dice has other ways to gain victory aside from bankrupting your opponent. It’s a game that both children and even adults can easily enjoy.

Gold and Diamonds – The In-Game Resources

Disney Magical Dice also offers optional purchase of gold and diamonds which serves as the in-app currency of the game. These resources are used when it comes to starting or joining a new match, buying cards, special abilities and even new characters and add-ons.

So for any true Disney fan, having these resources at hand is definitely a must. Think about it this way, Peter Pan, without his green pointed hat, is not Peter Pan at all. To maximize the character’s abilities, you’ll need their add-ons.

Disney Magical Dice Free Resource Generator

One cool way to get additional diamonds and gold without shelling out money is by using this Disney Magical Dice hack tool with the following special features:

  • Generate Free Diamonds
  • Generate Free Gold
  • Super easy to use
  • 100% safe and undetectable
  • No download needed
  • No required installation
  • Guaranteed to work on all devices

In order to use this Disney Magical Dice cheat simply go to this website and access the hack portal. On the displayed screen provide your username used in the game as well as the mobile platform.

Or if you are using a desktop in accessing the hack portal, simply connect your mobile device to your PC via USB cable then click the CONNECT button.

Once connected, you will be asked to specify the amount of gold and diamond that you want to be added into your account. And by clicking the GENERATE button, the hack portal will automatically credit your Disney Magical Dice account with the same number of gold and diamond that you initially requested.

It’s really easy, right? So, give it a try today and take your gaming experience up a notch.

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