The mobile game app EXTRA Slot Stars was based on the television show, EXTRA. Hosted by Mario Lopez, the app brings players to a Hollywood/Las Vegas-style of playing slot machines. The aim is to collect as many coins as possible to unlock and customize different avatars, buy additional slot machines, or just experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous. The series includes a 5-reel machine, which features a jackpot round, gamble, and other gaming options.

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But just like any other casino games, players need to select a bet before they can start to gamble. The complications begin when the player loses the bet and doesn’t have enough coins to continue.

So, do you need to go for EXTRA Slot Stars cheats to get on with the game? If you can wait for hours to get your free coins refreshed, then stop reading this. But if you want to move ahead with the game, then you’ve made the right choice.

Why The EXTRA Slot Stars Hack?

  1. Security online – Our developers know that users are afraid of malwares and spyware. That’s why they developed a hack tool that follows industry standard security methods that will enable them to generate free coins without any worries of getting their devices compromised.
  2. Mobile-friendly – It has been tested that this tool works perfectly fine with iOS, Android, and even Windows. Whatever smartphone or tablet you are using, you are sure that this will work 100%.
  3. Free – No need to pull out your credit card just to enjoy the game.
  4. Uncomplicated steps – The tool is so easy to use. No complicated steps and unnecessary information are required from users. By the way, this hack is also available 24/7 online.

How To Use The Hack

It is crucial that users follow every step to ensure that free coins are generated successfully on their account and enjoy unlimited resources in no time.

  1. Input your username/email address linked to EXTRA Slot Stars.
  2. Enter the device platform used for playing the game (iOS/Android).
  3. Indicate the number of free coins you want.
  4. Complete the Human Verification process.
  5. Wait for the system to set up your request and enjoy!

Playing casino will never be this fun without your access to unlimited coins with our free coins generator. Play all you want and experience how it is to be one of the A-listers in Vegas.

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