Can you guess by the game title what these cats love doing? You bet.

KleptoCats is one of the most downloaded cat games for mobile devices and features 100 adorable kittens for your collection. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of these felines, though. They do what they do and that is to… steal!

generator tool

Okay, maybe not from you. In fact, their mission is to fill your house’s empty rooms with various, interesting stuff. Send any of your cats away and it will come back with a new item and some coins. Watch your room fill up with treasure, and collect the coins so you could purchase some stuff (clothes, hats, costumes) for your furry kleptomaniacs.

Kind of Purr-fectly Relaxing

Some might find the game slow-paced at first and might easily get bored doing just a handful of activities with one of the cats (you can only play with one at a time). To up its mood meter so that it’ll get you better items, you are to feed, clean and pet the chosen cat. These three actions and a few mini games are basically the only interactions that you and this cat can have.

Do not be discouraged, though, as this is actually a casual game or one that has simple rules and doesn’t require special player skills. You can play it anywhere and is a great time passer – no overthinking required. You might even find it relaxing.

Furry Fun Game Features

What makes KleptoCats sensational, then?

One interesting feature of the game is its room collection – you have several rooms to unlock and fill with stolen mementos! Each room has a unique appearance and is ready for whatever your cats will steal next. Unlock these rooms using the purple gems.

The other feature that you might also find addictive is the option to dress-up your furry friends. Using your coins or purple gems, you can buy cool outfit and accessories from the boutique. Have fun dressing them all up with over 1,000 look combinations!

But Then…

This game just won’t give enough coins and gems!

Can’t wait to buy that cute devil costume that you’re going to make Harry wear for Halloween? How about a pink Kimono for Mapache? You’ll never know what would catch your fancy.

So, better have generous amounts of coins and purple gems handy when you need them. How? With the KleptoCats hack tool – a web-based program that is 100% safe and guaranteed to give you free unlimited resources!

Meow for More!

Finally, KleptoCats cheats that actually work – no downloads needed. Simply connect to the resource site using the browser of your computer or mobile phone, type in the required information (e.g. username, device), select the number of resources that you want (100,000–99,999,999), and fulfill one of the site’s partners’ offers.

Restart your game after completing an offer and voila, free gems and free coins to make your cats finally say, “Purrrrr-fect, master!”

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