Ever since Hasbro’s toy franchise-turned-cartoon series has been made into a game for both Android and iOS, it has also been one of the most downloaded pet games for both platforms.

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Littlest Pet Shop, or LPS, can be categorized as a city-building game which aims at creating a town to be inhabited by pets that you are also to nurture.

What Are Kibbles and Blings?

Kibbles and blings are the two in-game currencies of Littlest Pet Shop. Kibbles resemble gold coins while blings appear to be gems and are, therefore, more precious and hard to earn.

Both can be used to purchase buildings, pets, and other LPS stuff, and earning them is simply through gameplay. Earning a good amount, however, can be quite challenging especially in higher stages.

By Far the Best Deal on Kibbles and Blings…

Tired of earning only a few kibbles here and there but would never pay real money for more? Then you have come to the right place! Some Littlest Pet Shop cheats are all you need.

You need not worry, though, as the tool is safe, undetectable, and web-based. No APK’s or downloads required. It is free and easy to use, too.

Most of all, you’ll finally get to receive kibbles and blings in abundance that you just might enjoy playing LPS even more after your first try.

How to Get Free (Unlimited) Kibbles and Blings?

The Littlest Pet Shop hack tool can be accessed two ways:

If you are going to use a phone, simply access the resource generator through the phone’s browser. Next, type in your username, select your operating system, and then click on “Connect.” Once connected, select the amount of free kibble and free bling that you wish to receive and click on “Generate.”

If you’d rather use a PC, however, there are two extra steps, in addition to the above, that you must not forget. First, connect your phone physically (e.g. via USB) to the PC and second, open your Littlest Pet Shop game. Do these steps before attempting to connect to the resource generator.

The last few steps would only include some verification (just click on “Verify”) and offer completion. By offer completion, it means that you must choose one of the program’s partners’ offers (also free and safe), and then complete it. After this last step, restart your game to view your resources and to resume playing.

Enjoy your free kibbles and blings!

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