Mortal Blade 3D is a free-to-play, action game for both Android and iOS devices. This game is played by creating your medieval knight, and equipping him with weapons and armors to decimate your foes. To acquire those equipment, you need to spend Coins and Diamonds. Coins can easily be acquired and can help you obtain common items, while Diamonds allow you to obtain premium items.


generator tool


Collecting Diamonds is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience, not unless you are really devoted, and is willing to spend real money in the game. Now then, we’ll let you in a little secret: there is a safe and easy way for you to obtain Diamonds and Coins, for free!

Mortal Blade 3D Hack Tool

The Mortal Blade 3D hack is an online-based tool that can provide you Free Diamonds and Free Coins. It is free, and easy-to-use. Obtaining those Free Diamonds and Free Coins is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Enter your username in the text field provided.

Step 2: Select the Operating System you are using

(Android, iOS, Windows).

(Note: If you are using Windows, connect your device to the computer.)

Step 3: Enable encryption to protect your account details (optional).

Step 4: Click the “Connect” button.

(After the Mortal Blade 3D cheats tool successfully connects to   the server, you can now proceed to the next step.)

Step 5: Enter the amount of Free Diamonds and Free Coins you  want to receive.

Step 6:  Finally, after selecting the amount of Coins and Diamonds  you want, click the “Generate” button.

Once you are done with the steps above, it will only take a matter of seconds for your account to receive the Free Diamonds and Free Coins you desire. Easy, right? Now, you can enjoy your game even more once you obtain your big amount of Diamonds and Coins, and use them to buy premium items! You will never have to worry about being banned, or any malware entering your device, as our hack tool is safely developed to make sure that everyone who plays Mortal Blade 3D can enjoy its features. Obtaining all items in the game might make it boring, but, that’s also where the fun starts, as it can help you be a part of the top-ranking players in the game!

Rest assured, that our Mortal Blade 3D hack tool is safe and trust-worthy.

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