In every game, being the top player gives you an advantage both in game play and power.

The objective is to become the most powerful Cartel Lord by gaining more territories to control. To achieve this, you need to build your compound by amassing money and properties.

generator tool

You need to purchase an additional builder to build your compound fast. The game only gives you one builder, and every building and upgrade take time. An additional builder costs 500 gold. If you have enough Free Gold and Free Cash, this is not a problem.

You can also use gold to speed up the building time and to buy some resources like wood, which can never seem to come enough.

Take advantage of the newbie protection shield. Upgrade all your buildings to level four and maximize them. Build as many buildings as you can so that by the time your protection shield ends, you already have a strong defense and a good fighting squad.

Learn the skills of your Sicarios. Check what they are good for. Some Sicarios are better at defense than offense. Upgrade their skills using gears and Plata.

Gold and cash will come in handy while your protection shield is in effect. You can upgrade your Finca to build other units, buildings, and defenses.

Gold, gold and more gold

Gold can never be too much if you want to become the Cartel Kingpin. However, not all players are as rich as the Cartel Kingpins.

Gold is expensive to buy using real money, but there are tricks and cheats tools available if you really want your name up in the leaderboards.

You can get free gold and free cash using Narcos Cartels Wars hack and Narcos Cartel Wars cheats.

Getting Your Free Gold and Free Cash

Connect your device and work your way to becoming the Cartel Kingpin. Go to the hack tool site and follow these steps:

  • Write your username or email id on the box
  • Choose the operating system of your device
  • Choose the amount of gold and cash you need from the drop down menu
  • Click Generate
  • As a final step, verify that you are not a bot by choosing one of the options offered to you. This helps prevent abuse of the hack tool

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