Real Football is a mobile-based application that lets the player have a football team and tactically win their way to the top of the football world. The player can train rookies, take the football players to participate in friendly matches, and win various leagues and events in the game.


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Having great talents and players in the game can change the player’s team dynamics. Coins and gold can be used to get additional superstar players through the player lottery. This lottery consists of the “Realistic Pack”, “Advanced Pack” for better players, “Talent Pack” for promising rookies, and the “Midfielder Pack” for the selection of powerful midfielders. Unfortunately, you can only use your coins for the Realistic Pack. The Advanced Pack and Midfielder Pack need fifty gold bars for the lottery, and a hundred gold bars for the Talent Pack to get additional players.

Coins and gold can be obtained through the following: buying through the online shop in-game, log in the game daily for the daily rewards, or by completing certain tasks and missions (like complete 5 matches in the Season Mode). But why waste time and real money when there is another option to get tons and tons of free coins and gold without much of an effort on the player’s part?

Get gold and coins for Real Football – for free – with this useful Real Football hack. The Real Football cheats tool can generate more than 100,000 free coins and gold with every use. No need to spend euros or dollars to obtain lots of free gold and coins with this hack.

If you are using your mobile phone to access this site, enter your Real Football username and the device platform used for the game (i.e. Android, iOS). You also have the option for encryption.

If you are using your desktop to access this site, make sure that the device is connected to the desktop via USB cable and the app is open and running. Instead of putting the player’s username in the username box, put the device name in the username box. This is for the game to read the data and be able to connect with the Real Football hack.

The player can receive any amount of free gold and coins by pressing the generate button on the site with this real football hack.

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