If you love cooking (or eating!) in real life, then you will surely love Star Chef.

By far one of the largest culinary games for mobile devices today, Star Chef offers various features that make it such an interesting, if not a true gastronomic, encounter.

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This is neither your typical cooking simulation game, however, nor one that involves time-management and rushing to serve customers. Here, you are the owner and Star Chef of your own restaurant. You will cook, bake, serve, learn to garden your own fresh produce, discover new recipes, meet other chefs, expand your restaurant, and strive to become a true Culinary Master.

Starving to Step up Your Game?

With so much going on in this game, you cannot be without ample amounts of resources at any given time. In fact, if you wish to level up faster, then you have to stack up on coins and cash.

Many online games tend to start slow, and comparing your almost bare restaurant to those of your friends’ who started playing way earlier than you did might just discourage you. After all, it took these people weeks or months to be able to put up a 5-star restaurant with exquisite walls and chandeliers, lavishly filled tables, dazzling musicians and, of course, an enormous fully furnished kitchen serving international dishes!

Indeed, it could take some time before you get to that level. Why wait that long, though, when you can make use of some Star Chef cheats?

Gluten-Free, or rather, Guilt-Free!

While hacking a game may sound awful, it might not be as bad as you think, especially considering that you are just playing for fun.

Also, with a web-based Star Chef hack tool, there is no need to download anything. Thus, you no longer have to worry about your account getting detected and banned. Receive your free unlimited coins and cash safely!

Unlimited Does Not Only Refer to Rice…

Truth be told, it is better to have unlimited in-game resources that would make gameplay more enjoyable. How?

Connect to your Star Chef game account using your mobile device or personal computer’s web browser. Key in the necessary information (e.g. username, operating system), select your desired amount of free coins and free cash from the numbers 100,000 – 99,999,999 and then click on the “Generate” button.

Next, “Verify” that you are not a robot by clicking on that button, then fulfill one of the offers presented. Once done with the last step, restart your phone to see your requested resources.

Bon appetit, chef!

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